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Some Abbreviations and Their full name associated with Computer

কম্পিউটার সম্পর্কিত কিছু সংক্ষিপ্ত রূপ ও তাদের পূর্ণ রূপ

Abb        Full form


AI -        Artificial Intelligence

AFK -       Away From Keyboard

BIOS -     Basic Input & Output System

CAM -      Computer Aided Manufacturing

CATScan -  Computerised Axial Tormography Scan

CAD -      Computer Aided Design

CD -       Compact Disc

CDAC -     Centre for Development of Advanceed Paralled Computing

C-DOT -    Centre for Development of Telematrics

CDMA -     Code Division Multiple Access

CPU -      Central Processing Unit

COBOL -    Common Business Oriented Language

COMOL -    Common Algorith Language

DNS -      Domain Name Server

DTS -      Desk Top System

DTP -      Desk Top Publishing

DOS -      Disk Operating System

E-mail -   Electromic Mail

E-commerce - Electronic Commerce

ENIAC -    Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculation

FAX -      Fascimile Automated Xerox

FLOPS -    Floating Operations Per Second

FORTRAN -  Formula Translation

GAIS -     Gateway Internet Access Service

HDD -      Hard Disk

HLL -      High Level Language

HTML -     Hyper Text Markup Language

HTTP -     Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IBM -      International Bussiness Machine

IC -       Integrated Circuit

IP -       Internet Protocol

ISH -      International Super Highway

ISP -      Internet Service Provider

IT -       Information Technology

LAN -      Local Area Network

LCD -      Liquid Crystal Display

LDU -      Liquid Display Unit

LISP -     List Processing

LLL -      Low Level Language

MICR -     Magnetic Ink Character Recognition/Reader

MIPS -     Millions of Instructions per Seconds

MODEM -    Modulator-Demodulator

MOPS -     Millions of Operations per Second

MPU -      Micro Processor Unit

MAN -      Metropolitian Area Network

NICNET -   National Informatics Center Network

PSTN -     Public Switched Telephone Network

PSPDN -    Pocket Switched Public Data Network

PC-DOT -   Personal Computer Disk Operation System

PROM -     Programmable Read Only Memory

RAM -      Random Access Memory

ROM -      Read Only Memory

SNOBOL -   String Oriented Symbolic Language

TTL -      Time to Live

UPS -      Uninterruptable Power Supply

VLSI -     Very Large Scale Integration

WWW -      World Wide Web

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